about ianessa norris

Ianessa Norris was born in the U.S. of half German and half Columbian heritage and has been living in Germany since the age of four.

1996 she finished her degree in Media Science, New German and English Literature with a Magister Artium and moved to Berlin. Here she worked in the film business, soon to move on to the third dimension and virtual realities of the multimedia world.

2003 she shifted her focus back onto her painting and has been working as a professional visual artist in Berlin since then.

Since 2013 she has been working in the XTRO ateliers in the Wilhelminenhofstraße 83 in Berlin, Oberschöneweide.

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open studio 07/2015, Wilhelminenhofstr. 83
open studio 07/2015, Wilhelminenhofstr. 83